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Kyle Jones #327
#113 & #23

Honolulu Hills Raceway
1,080 elevation feet

Franklin Field Arena
986 elevation feet

WORCS Racing

Layton Melton Productions Honolulu Hills Raceway

Forms & Rules


Racing Rules

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read the following information! If you do not understand the rules or have questions about anything, please come up to sign-ups and we will be happy to help.

Point System:
LaytonMelton Productions runs a (2) moto format. Best overall score from both motos decides class winner. At series events riders will be awarded points at each event during a series. The following is the point system used during a series.


1st - 25 pts 4th - 18 pts 7th - 14 pts 10th - 11 pts 13th - 8 pts
2nd - 22 pts 5th - 16 pts 8th - 13 pts 11th - 10 pts 14th - 7 pts
3rd - 20 pts 6th - 15 pts 9th - 12 pts 12th - 9 pts 15th - 6 pts

Classifications are: Beginner, Novice, Intermidiate, and Pro. Riders must ride the highest class they have obtained in any organization. If a rider is found to be riding out of classification, the rider will be transferred or disqualified. Any rider that is disqualified from a series will forfeit all prizes and points earned in the series up to that point. Voluntarily move-up is accepted and encouraged if you feel you are able to compete at the next level of classification.

The following bikes/quads are legal in the following classes: